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Some stars shine brighter…

5 More Days!

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Teen Titans by Oskar Vega

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You know who to call! 8)


You know who to call! 8)

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Teen Titans (2003-2011) #6

"I’ll give Robin a lift to Gotham, Batman. He can skip the lecture tonight.”


This will never not be funny to me.


I fixed up an old drawing for a print


I fixed up an old drawing for a print

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I want to take a look at the Teen Titans!


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you know i’ve watched this episodes so many times and dude this scenes gets me

She doesn’t think she’s beautiful, the same way she never thought she was actually good.

Her entire life she was told that her fate was to end the world- that she was a horrible monster, bringer of terror and grief

She not only thought herself to be bad- she thought herself to be horrible

And Beast Boy fueled it by calling her “creepy”.

So when Malchior appeared, he called her beautiful. He was aware that Raven never thought of herself like that, and boy, he totally knew Raven was the portal- he said it, he’s a book, the only thing he gets to do is read. And Raven’s prophecy was well known- if Trigorn’s name was known even on Tamaran, then in magical universes Raven’s existence will not be ignored. 

He considered powerful, enough to freed him. And he took all her insecurities and used it to his advantages until she was falling for him.

Malchior is a fucking diick. 

One of the main reasons I love Robin and Raven’s relationship through the series is that Robin respects her in every sense- and so doeas Raven towards him. Their entire relationship was built in trust, respect and admiration since early times. I had to rewatch it several times to notice- but man what a nice bond they had.

She wanted to be alone? He’d leave her alone and make sure no one would bother her (if he could), but he still offered himself to talk in order to show her that he cares.

He could tell she was in fear before anyone else. He’d back her up in an argument and go to her deffense whenever Beast Boy whined Raven’s behavior. He tried to unedrstand her- and if he couldn’t, he’d still make sure She knows he’s there to support her. 

And man- he was a truly, fucking TRULY good friend. He admired her closely eventhough she thought there was nothign in her for him to admire. Especially by him, because she admired him. She trusted him the most (eventhough she didn’t want to tell him everything- he knew more about her and how to deal with her before anyone else). She worried about him the most- and that’s how he noticed how much she cared about him as a friend.

And it was enough for him.

No forcing her into social situations she wasn’t comfortable with. No doubting her.

Just pure, humble respect. 

And that’s the best way to grow a bond with someone.

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Trust in me, trust in me
Don’t pull away

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CYBB WEEK—day two, video games  

 ↳"yeah, it's been totally lame here without you.  Raven stinks at video games. It's like she's not even trying!"


CYBB WEEKday two, video games  

 ↳"yeah, it's been totally lame here without you. 
Raven stinks at video games.
It's like she's not even trying!"

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